Community safety

London Riots - update for our area

9th August 2011

With the worrying news that the Tandem Centre in Colliers Wood was targeted last night (Monday), Wimbledon town centre has seen the early closure of many shops and services today.  Centre Court has been closed since 2pm, although no official police advice has been given.  Informal news suggests that Merton may be a target this evening, so please take care.  For breaking news, please see the Wimbledon Guardian website.  Our best advice to you is as follows, if you are caught up in any disturbance:

  • Take all steps to move away calmly from the centre of events (but do not become a spectator)
  • Try to keep calm, keep your head down and walk – do not run
  • Move with the crowd and walk towards a place of safety
  • If confronted, do not argue and try to back away from the confrontation
  • Do not resist if challenged
  • If in a car, lock the doors and try to keep the car moving in the direction of safety
  • If on public transport, follow the driver's advice
  • Check current news and media reports, and turn back or try to find an alternative route if you realise that you have entered an area where there are problems


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