Community safety

Merton Fraud & Cyber Crime Warnings

Online Shopping

Continues to be the most prevalent, this is when victims are convinced into paying money for items that don’t exist or are counterfeit when shopping online. E.g. fake adverts on eBay.

       Stay on the website - follow procedure / terms and conditions.

       Never use direct bank transfers – use the websites recommended payment methods.

       Please see our animation for more details;


 Investment Fraud / Pyramid Schemes

Unfortunately, there was a large amount lost to a fraudulent shares / investment fraud.

Share sales & Investment Fraud are similar in that criminals may impersonate legitimate businesses and cold call victims, to persuade them to invest or purchase shares.

·         Remember a legitimate investment/shares company will not cold call you. (They don’t need to.)

Always seek impartial advice if you are considering an investment.

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