Community safety

Pets at Risk

We have heard from a local resident who volunteers for a small animal protection charity based in South Norwood, warning us of cats and other animals going missing, being injured, and even killed in the Greater London area. The Charity is currently working with the Police and the RSPCA to identify the culprits. 

Although these unpleasant incidents appear to have started in the Croydon area, attacks have now widened to include the SW19 and SW20 areas, with one of the most recent occurrences in West Barnes Lane.   Residents (cat owners in particular) are being warned to keep their pets in after dark. A leaflet is currently being distributed asking people to call 999 to report anyone seen behaving suspiciously with a cat.   Similarly, if you see any domestic or wild animals who have been injured or found dead with knife wounds, to contact 07961 030 064 or 07957 830 940 immediately.

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