Community safety

Motor Vehicle Crime - August 2016

A Message from Lee Roberts,  Neighbourhood Watch Manager 

Theft of motor vehicles has spiked recently and is currently up 35% on last 12 month rolling period. It is currently the police's number one concern and the borough has a plan to reduce this. 

Part of this is a Met-wide problem with the theft of luxury high value cars during the night. Our officers are aware of this and actively stop and engage with occupants of such vehicles during the night. 

If residents see anything or anyone acting suspiciously by such cars on drives and at night in particular, ring 999. 

In Merton, theft of Scooters/mopeds is part of the overall increase in this crime. If you own one make sure it’s locked and attached to something that cannot be removed as well. Although there is no particular method, many are lifted into vans during the night. We would like all owners to ensure they are properly alarmed and secure; preferably parked up away from view in the street.




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