Community safety

March 2011

The Safer Neighbourhoods Team Priorities

The ward panel met on Monday 21st February and having reviewed everything that had been reported to the Police in the preceding four months decided to keep burglaries and theft from motor vehicles as the priorities for the Safer Neighbourhood Team. These are the highest types of crime in the area


Firstly, thank you for all the information which has been passed to us following our appeal for help in catching the offenders. 

If you see suspicious behavior, then call 999 explaining to the operator that there have been burglaries in the area then go on and describe what you have seen. The extra Police officers drafted in to deal with this increase in crime remain on the ward so please keep the calls coming in.

The crimes have continued despite the positive action described below. Most of the attacked houses have been entered through a rear patio door or window with a spade or garden fork used to pry open the door so make sure these are locked away and not easily accessible. Most have occurred in the daytime or early evening hours.

Witness Appeal

On Saturday 26th February at approximately 1pm three men were seen to enter one of the alleys between Consfield Avenue and Byron Avenue. A fourth man remained round the front in a car. The Police attended and found a house nearby broken into. The fourth man was arrested but the other three were not seen again. If you have any information about what the other three did or where they went to then please contact us on the details below.

Theft from Motor Vehicles

There has been an increase in this type of crime as well with the stretch of West Barnes Lane between Barnes End and Crossway being targeted. Over the last month there have been 8 vehicles in this area either broken into or rifled through having been left insecure. A mixture of cars and vans has been attacked.

We strongly recommend all tools are removed from vans overnight and items such as Sat Nav cradles and phone cradles which hint there may be something of value in the car are also hidden from view.


Other News

On Tuesday 1st March a search warrant was executed at an address in Phyllis Avenue. One man was arrested on suspicion of possession of cannabis with intent to supply. He has been released on Police Bail while the matter is investigated. Two other men were given street warnings for possessing small amounts of cannabis.

The West Barnes Team continues to work hard in your area. For any further information please contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team as detailed below.


Graham Chapman
West Barnes Safer Neighbourhood Team
0208 721 2454
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