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Courier Fraud
A particular type of fraud targeting elderly people is on the increase across London. Our aim is to raise awareness and provide some key crime prevention messages to the elderly and their circle of support - friends, family, neighbours etc.
By raising awareness we will decrease the likelihood of people falling victim.
The average age of the victim is 70 years old. The average loss is £4,000.
The Method 
1) The method varies but essentially involves a victim being telephoned (cold-called) by a suspect who alleges to be someone of authority (e.g, from the police, bank, Serious Fraud Office). The suspect tells the victim there is a problem with their bank account (like it has been compromised) and that their bank card must be collected.
2) If the victim is unconvinced that the call is genuine they are instructed to hang up and call a genuine number – such as 999 or the telephone number on the rear of their bank card. However, the suspect keeps the telephone line open and so the call goes straight back to the fraudster who then deals with any subsequent call, convincing the victim of their authenticity.
3) The victim is then content to reveal their bank details, namely the PIN.
4) An often unwitting courier or taxi driver is sent to collect the victim’s card. The card is delivered to a second suspect, who then passes it on to the fraudster. The fraudster then empties the bank account.
Key Messages
Primary: (To potential victims, family, friends) Never give anyone your PIN or bank card – the police and banks will never ask for them.
Secondary/supporting message(s):
(To cabbies/couriers) Beware of collecting and delivering packages from elderly people as you may be assisting in a criminal offence.
Reporting offences: If you have been a victim call the police on 101 or in an emergency by dialling 999. (Generally victims are elderly/vulnerable and therefore it is NOT appropriate to report this matter to Action Fraud).

Communities Can Defeat Terrorism
Terrorists live amongst us when they are planning attacks.
We want you to look out for the unusual - some activity or behaviour which strikes you as not quite right and out of place in your normal day to day life.
You may feel it’s probably nothing, but unless you trust your instincts and tell us we won’t be able to judge whether the information you have is important or not.
Remember, no piece of information is considered too small or insignificant.  Our specially trained officers would rather take lots of calls which are made in good faith, but have innocent explanations - rather than not getting any at all.
If you see or hear something that could be terrorist-related, trust your instincts and call the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.
Your call could save lives.

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