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The Association was formed in 1928 in response to concern over flooding in the Raynes Park area at that time, and the magazine now known as "The Guide" first appeared in 1931. The objects were to protect the interests of residents living in the area and to promote social activity.

Later, the Association's area was extended to cover West Barnes, hence the present title: The Raynes Park and West Barnes Residents' Association. There are more than three thousand copies of "The Guide" printed every month to cover the present membership.

Early copies of "The Guide", before the forming of the various sections such as the Camera Club, the Horticultural Section, Music for All, the Stamp Club and the West Barnes Singers, were much more comprehensive in their news items, because they could afford more space. The type was also smaller and there were more adverts. The number of pages in the 1930s seemed to vary from 16 to 20. There was a fair amount of Council news, ratepayers' news, Rambling Club news, Nursing items, education items, forthcoming events, Townswomen's Guild news, household news, HAS, fire alarm items, Chamber of Commerce, traffic information, concerts and many other items. There was a monthly paragraph called "Shop Locally" and the whole schedule for the Raynes Park Horticultural Society's Flower Show was printed.

In April 1932, membership was close on 1000. These early "Guides" also contained many warnings about burglars being very active in the locality and there was an amusing item which stated that the road stewards could not guarantee to deliver the "Guide" where there was a "Beware of the Dog" sign! Whist drive news often occupied a whole column and there was also gardening news and all the films for the month at the Raynes Park cinema, the Rialto. There was a paragraph for questions, and a jokers' column.

Printing, relative to the financial situation, was a good deal less than it is now, I am sure, and certainly we could no longer afford to have bound stiff-cover volumes. There was a "General Information" section which gave notice of quarterly General Meetings, Births, Deaths and Marriages, Maternity and Child Welfare Clinics, Ante-Natal Clinics, Dental Clinics and the PDSA. There was also a Safety First section, Road Accidents (unfortunately the two don't seem to have been linked!), and Post Office and library opening times. Surprisingly, in those days, there were no small ads.

The Association has always declared itself to be non-political, although until the late 1970s or early 1980s nominees were elected to the local council. In the early days there was never any shortage of nominees for positions on the committee, and even local councillors were allowed to hold these positions. In his 'Chairman's Report' for 1932, Mr Squier Perry was able to claim that the Association had secured directly:

  1. Improved police protection, after a visit to Scotland Yard, where your deputation was courteously received by the Assistant Commissioner.
  2. Improved street lighting.
  3. Improved postal facilities and the erection of telephone kiosks in the district.
  4. The provision of asphalt stands at the bus stops at the corners of Bushey Road and Grand Drive.
  5. The election of suitable representatives to the Merton and Morden Urban District Council, pledged to guard your interests and to keep down expenditure on non-essential things.
  6. The erection of islands at the Grand Drive/Bushey Road junction, with a view to making crossing safer for pedestrians.
  7. The closing to vehicular traffic, during the rush hours, of the Raynes Park station tunnel.

It is pleasing to see that we were as active then as now!

The minutes of the very first meeting of the Association are reproduced below.

Minutes of the first General Meeting held 8th March, 1928, at the Iron Hall, Grand Drive


Messrs. Neale, Moore, Wickens, promoters, together with Messrs. Dobbie, Motte, Harrison and Burford and about 120 other residents.

Temp. Chairman and Secretary

Mr Wickens was elected Temp. Chairman and Mr Moore was asked to take notes of proceedings.


Mr Wickens outlined circumstances resulting from "Flood Meeting" resulting in this inaugural meeting. Motion from the Chair to form Association carried with acclamation.


Rules were provisionally adopted as printed.

"Flood Committee" Report

Report of Residents' Committee to approach Merton and Morden UDC respecting action to prevent recurrence of flood. Council agreed to do as suggested. Vote of thanks from Chair.

Election of Officers

Chairman, S Wickens, Esq. Vice-Chairman, Mr Dobbie. Hon.Secretary, Mr Moore. Treasurer, Mr Burford. These were declared duly elected.

Other Business

  • It was proposed and seconded that Cannon Hill Estates be approached respecting the erection of business premises in Grand Drive (carried)
  • Further determined that a Special General Meeting be convened to consider reply (carried).
  • Southern Railway Co. be approached respecting closure of Station tunnel to vehicular traffic (carried).
  • Complaints were received re condition of slipway in Fairway and the condition of the road between Heath Drive, Greenway and Bushey Road.

The meeting terminated at 10.30 p.m.

(Signed) A.W. Moore (Hon. Secretary) (8.3.28)
(Signed) S. Wickens (15.6.28)

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